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My name is Krystal Hosmer. I am a Las Vegas resident of 31 years. I am a mac-based artist with 13 years of experience, with a heavy emphasis on casino & hospitality related work. I have provided creative services for both Strip properties, such as The Venetian, and locals-focused properties here in Las Vegas and across the country, in addition to just about every other kind of client you can think of.

Design is a facilitator for change and reaction. That’s why I refer to myself as the “Primary Catalyst” rather than as a designer. You want a message communicated to your audience that will cause a specific reaction from them. To do that, you need a catalyst; a message that causes a change in their behavior. I combine fundamentally powerful design with a solid understanding of your business goals. I am not in this business for personal acclaim or to create “art”. My philosophy of design boils down to this — At the end of the day, if my designs didn’t positively affect your bottom line, I haven’t done my job.

This is your chance to get agency-quality work from someone who knows casinos & hospitality inside and out, at a fraction of the price of the typical agency. My studio consists of a top-of-the-line Macintosh and the latest version of the Adobe Creative Suite. I am currently freelancing for several clients and would like to add your company to my list of satisfied customers. All of my clients have been pleased with my ability to jump right in and get to work. They have commented on my ability to understand their way of doing things with very little explanation and to fit into their work flow. I deliver print-ready files on time and on budget.

Some of my former employers & current clients include:

The Imperial Palace Hotel  – In house Graphic Designer

Circus Circus – In house Graphic Designer

The Idea Factory – Graphic Designer

MOSAK Marketing Group – Graphic Designer

The Rampart and The Cannery – on-site Freelance Graphic Designer

The Venetian Resort and Casino – Freelance Graphic Designer

Delta Dental — Freelance Graphic Designer

I also teach Photoshop I and II at UNLV Educational Outreach, along with several workshop classes on Twitter, Blogging, Communication and Understanding Curves. I am the co-manager for the Las Vegas Adobe Photoshop and Print Users group and a longtime member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

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